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News and updates

On October 11, the day before the Cocoon Gettogether, there is a Hackathon foreseen at the same location where the GT2004 is hapening.

The main idea is to use this page to hack together some agenda for that day, please make this a joint effort. There's one big room (the one we held the conference in) and there are drapes which can be used to split that room into two. We can either have four corners with "stuff happening". With half-day slots being allocated, we could host as many as 8 hackathon sessions. Or have a one-day whirlwind tour happening in one half of the room, and leave the other part open for anything impromptu. Or any other combination...: we could even host a handson tutorial session if there's interest in that.

The Hackathon will start at 8:30 AM.

Agenda ideas

Last year we talked a lot and hacked a tiny but, how about doing this opposite this time: start with hacking right away? -- [BertrandDelacretaz].

Another idea that was suggested last year (observing that not only hard core developers were showing up) was to have something of an 'ask-the-expert-clinic'. Assuming that we have a decent amount of developers in the area it could be nice to offer handson assistance to real-life problems of people hackin' on their own cocoon-based projects rather then on cocoon. Any practical ideas to it are welcomed, in the mean time it makes sense for people to express their interest for either attending or staffing the clinic (hoping we could match the volumes). -- [MarcPortier]

As for my opinion, I would try to not formalize the agenda like last year: it was more of a pre-conference than a hackathon. But I assume that's what we are all already suggesting. :-) -- [StevenNoels]

Suggestion: I'd like to sit down with some people who have expressed that something should be done about the documentation. Maybe we can come up with some mutually agreed ideas on what needs to be done and how it should look like (more or less). -- [HelmaVanDerLinden] Let´s try to start a documentation group, that´s a good idea. -- [Manfred]

As there are many people willing to work on Cocoon it seems to be a good idea to split up in groups (a list of possible groups see below). As for many people (including me ;-) attending in more than one group would be interesting but physically not possible we should have short presentations every 2 hours giving others the chance to participate (questions, ideas) and possibly change the group. [ReinhardPoetz]

As others said, we should do more hacking than talking. What about starting with the bug hunt and as soon as our bug counter reaches zero we start with the fun part? [CarstenZiegeler]. I (Bertrand) like the idea, +1

Hacking ideas

How about creating a pipeline/XSLT test suite? There are often problems when switching between XSLT processors or versions. Would be a cool thing to do while several people with different platforms are present -- [BertrandDelacretaz].

Formalize the advanced CForms widget (see WoodyScratchpad) that have been pending for a while -- [SylvainWallez]

Discussion about component containers for the two levels of containments: kernel for blocks, and an IOC type 2/3 container such as Spring for components within a block -- [SylvainWallez]

I prefer doing a real Hackaton which means reducing our list of open bugs (I think the organization with the paper notes last year was a very good idea) and working on some parts of Cocoon in small groups. It would also help if we create groups of 3 or 4 people who work together. [ReinhardPoetz]

Although not core Cocoon developers, Surj and I are fairly familiar with Cocoon source and may be able to join in the 'hacking'. If not we won't get offended if you tell us to go away. :-) [JonEvans]

People attending

  1. GianugoRabellino

  2. JeremyQuinn

  3. AndrewSavory

  4. StevenNoels

  5. BertrandDelacretaz

  6. AntonioGallardo

  7. BrunoDumon

  8. UgoCei

  9. MarcPortier

  10. ReinhardPoetz

  11. SylvainWallez

  12. TorstenCurdt

  13. JoergHeinicke (don't know about Claas and Nils)

  14. Upayavira

  15. CarstenZiegeler

  16. NicoVerwer

  17. HelmaVanDerLinden

  18. PatrickAhles

  19. Manfred
  20. Friedrich Klenner
  21. ArjeCahn

  22. JohanStuyts

  23. NielsVanKampenhout

  24. MartinHolz

  25. Sascha-Matthias Kulawik
  26. Hans-Thomas Nordeck
  27. Claudius Spellmann
  28. Wojtek Biela
  29. Przemek Łupiński

  30. JonEvans

  31. Surjan Singh
  32. EikeJordan

  33. ChristianHaul

Possible Groups

Getting there

Map & Driving instructions are the same as for the venue of the 12th. Check the related page on the official GT2004 site. We expect everyone to show up by his own means, which shouldn't be a problem given the central location. Please try and be there between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM so we can get things organized as early as possible.

Stuff around

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