A good alternative for travelers on a budget who don't mind to share and/or have money enough to splurge on a full-fledged house can be renting an apartment.

There are a lot of web sites providing useful information for apartment rentals. You can use http://www.rentalinrome.com/ as a starting point or just google for more. The typical apartment sleeps 4-6 people if you don't mind sharing double beds, and can easily host 3 people with enough privacy (two rooms, sofa bed in the living room, shared bathroom(s)). You can get an excellent apartment for 150/180€ per night, which can provide an excellent saving if you're sharing with other people.

The minimum stay is usually 3 nights. Bed linen is provided, and the apartment is usually cleaned upon arrival and departure.

The CocoonGT team is willing to provide some support to individuals willing to share an apartment with others. Please fill in the table below to indicate you're interested in sharing a house with a Cocoon friend! We will do our best to provide you with suitable accommodation. If you're not renting an apartment on your own, please consider bringing enough cash to settle the payment on site with your new friends: not every agency accepts credit card payments, and most of them would definitely frown if confronted with 4-6 credit cards!

Note: S: I prefer having a room on my own, I'm willing to pay the difference TS: I don't mind sharing a room with twin beds DS: I don't mind sharing a room with double bed Notes: please specify if you're traveling with others


Arriving on

Departing on





Example Entry

Oct 2nd

Oct 8th


Traveling with my spouse, can share a double

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