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Based on http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=xml-cocoon-dev&m=103622657919912&w=2, the question is :

Could we enhance this Wiki with a drawing applet to be able to collaborate graphically on designs?

Although I mentioned SVG in the original message, it is not so important I think: we should focus on the "external requirement" of being able to draw/scribble on the wiki, file format is not very important IMHO. But no one answered (yet) on how useful this would be, I assume that people sending proposals for tools think this is useful.

Here are some suggestions from cocoon-dev and forrest-dev posters. I haven't had time to study them in more detail yet. Comments (using footnotes if possible) can be added at the end of this page.

-- BertrandDelacretaz

Here are some proposals:


A plugin for TWiki: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki/TWikiDrawPlugin. I don't know much about JSPWiki plugins but maybe this could be adapted?

Includes a cool JDK 1.1 drawing applet based on JHotDraw. Looks like J!HotDraw itself now requires JDK 1.2.

John Morrison says:

Use this...


as a starter to allow drawing then experiment with...


to extract the svg from it's dom (excellent site btw) and save to wiki :)

Sounds easy doesn't it :))

Robert Koberg says (about using Flash):

. . .there are some really cool things you can do (constant connections without page reloads). Here is a good article I just came across:


I remember seeing some example drawing applications floating around. They could be adapted to send the properties of the drawing to the server in SVG XML. Or data could be saved from the authoring app to be used by a viewer app. You make the viewer app in flash that reads a some XML config stream to setup some basic UI objects, finds the data file and it displays the rendering -- perhaps with additional functionality built into the player. Or you could make a multiuser whiteboard. Lots of things...

Sylvain Wallez says:

...There are intersting things available in SVG. Check out these :

You should also have a look at the SVG wiki at http://www.protocol7.com/svg-wiki/

...And later: Ah, and a few more links :

Some old JSPWiki notes

I have asked the JSPWiki people about this as well. News (2002-11-15): the JSPWiki people replied that this will be doable once attachments are implemented for JSPWiki. let's wait for this! ;:Attachments have been implemented for some time now. Go wild :-).

FYI Folks, some activity at http://www.ecyrd.com/JSPWiki/Wiki.jsp?page=DrawingPlugin that directly relates to this. I'll begin to refactor this page to reflect work over there as it progresses. -- John Volkar

http://www.adobe.com/svg/viewer/install/main.html: Adobe SVG plugin. Seems like they have a beta version for Linux too.

http://www.orbtech.com/wiki/HelpOnActions_2fAttachFile includes an scenario for editing drawings, but after trying in their sandbox it doesn't seem to be enabled there.

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