How-to call Sybase stored procedures returning Resultset with ESQL tags in XSP

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You'll learn how to get resultsets from Sybase stored procedures using ESQL tags in XSP pages. Cocoon User documentation explains how to do it using esql:call tag. Here's another (imho, simpler) way for Sybase database. Additionally, Sybase Connection setup is discussed briefly.

Your basic skills

Technical prerequisites

esql:query tag

In order to retrieve a resultset from a stored procedure, use the esql:query tag as shown below:


That's it!

Now I'll explain this in more details.

Setup Sybase database and datasource

Install Cocoon on your Servlet container following instructions here. I am using Resin 2.1.12.
Copy jConn2.jar into your /WEB-INF/lib directory of a deployed Cocoon application.
Configure web.xml to pre-load the JDBC driver class as per instructions Sybase driver Class name is: com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver. Note, that I had a problem when there were more than one driver in load-class parameter. So, my web.xml has only Sybase driver and looks like this:

Now, you have to configure a datasource in the cocoon.xconf file follwoing instructions here. Sybase JDBC url looks like this: jdbc:sybase:Tds:_host_:_port_/_database_?user=_username_?password=_password_. It's the longest url variant, usually user and password are set separately.
Here's my datasource:

In order to test our setup, create a stored procedure like shown below:
CREATE PROCEDURE my_stored_proc
@NAME varchar(30)=null

Sample XSP page

Let's create our test XSP page. If you installed default Cocoon.war built by command "build webapp", then you should have a directory with sample code at \samples\databases\xsp\. Create here one more file called test.xsp. Here's what you should put inside:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<xsp:page language="java"



The trick is that if you call a stored procedure with "exec _stp_name_ ?,..." syntax, then you can use esql:query tag just as you would do it with a any "select * from..." query. This works for Sybase.

Now, if you hit the page with http://localhost:8080/cocoon/samples/databases/xsp/test (port number and cocoon context may be different in your setup), you should see something like this:

Argyn's sample

System user info below: -2 0 0 public

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