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As of October 2005, we're planning a BugzillaIssuesCleanup action to prioritize the many pending issues and have them reviewed by their authors.

"Rules" about using bugzilla

Well, not really rules, rather conventions or best practices.


If you assign a bug to yourself or someone else than dev@, you please add this list to the CCs. Otherwise the list will not be be informed when something happens to the bug (thanks Joerg for spotting this!)

Reassign to whoever is in charge

When asking for clarification on a bug, reassign it to whoever you're asking. This makes it clear that we're waiting for input.

Not getting a response to a request for clarification or test cases (after waiting a few days) is a good reason to close the bug, setting it to INVALID, WONTFIX or WORKSFORME depending on the situation.

Bug states


Hmm, maybe after you have fixed the bug :-)


A bug as described by the bug reporter is not valid, i.e. it does not exist (something wrong is stated in the bug description, but have also WORKSFORME in mind) or it is not a Cocoon issue.


It is easy to forget entries with that state. Better do not use it - Andreas Kuckartz.

A bug is not important at the moment, but gets important after another work. I can imagine an example, when somebody now adds a bug desc, that will matter Cocoon 2.2 blocks in future. But because we don't have the blocks and the move to Fortress should be done before, we set the bug to LATER.


It is easy to forget entries with that state. Better do not use it - Andreas Kuckartz.

never used it and don't have an idea, especially in segregation to LATER ... to be filled with content ...


A bug is acknowledged (or at least sounds reasonable if no one wants to dive in deeper), but it won't be fixed for what ever reasons. One example was the XMLForms related bugs after the deprecation of XMLForms.


This one is easy I guess: The bug is not reproducible for you.

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