Automatically Inserting Non-Breaking Spaces Into Empty Table Cells

Many browsers suffer from the feature that they omit the table borders from empty cells which. You have different possibilities to solve this issue.
=== CSS property ===empty-cells:

table {
    empty-cells: show;

The default value is collapse, so empty cells are not shown. More info you can find in the CSS 2 spec.

Non-breaking space via XSLT:

The following XSLT snippet, a xsl:template match, activates on encountering a table cell and replaces empty cells and cells that contain only whitespace with a non-breaking space.
To use this code, simply copy the snippet into one of your XSLT stylesheets.

<xsl:template match="td">
            <!-- If cell has child nodes or contains text then output them -->
            <xsl:when test="* or normalize-space()">
            <!-- Otherwise the cell is empty and we output a non-breaking space -->


-- based on a solution provided by AlanHodgkinson.

Further comments

If &#160; is not the solution you prefer, but you want to use the &nbsp; known from HTML, you can add an entity to the XSLT stylesheet in front of the xsl:stylesheet root element:

<!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [
<!ENTITY nbsp "&amp;#160;">

More info in the XML spec.

-- based on a solution provided by Anonymous author.

The originally posted solution by Alan Hodgkinson uses disable-output-escaping, but this is not recommended:

<xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes">&amp;amp;nbsp;</xsl:text>

Why? Please read on this issue at XSLTDisableOutputEscaping.

Or use a comment

I believe that a comment is just as good as a space as far as Netscape is concerned. It's a bit bigger, but it has the advantage that it's not really "content", so it shouldn't affect formatting as much as a space, which a browser will be rendering in a particular font, hence it will have some "size".

e.g. use this template in conjunction with an identity transformation:

<xsl:template match="td[not(normalize-space())]">
        <xsl:copy-of select="@*"/>
        <xsl:comment>NS hack</xsl:comment>

-- Con.

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