Hugo Burm

I created the "Keesing Historisch Archief" (this is a Dutch title, but I think it translates almost 1-to-1 to the English language). It is the web edition of a Dutch magazine, 100,000+ xml files, published by Cocoon 1.8. The url is . But it is a site for members only.

Meanwhile I am very busy writing software for a Dutch company "Humatix", who is specialized in HR software (we are the creators of the VDU-Tachograph

At the moment I am testing how I can use Cocoon 2.1 with a Form framework (JXforms or Woody), and a persistence framework (Hibernate).

All these activities have their base in Amsterdam. In case someone is wondering why I will attend the Gettogether starting from Hulst. Hulst is where my parents live. It is in the southern part of the Netherlands called "Zeeuws Vlaanderen" very close to the Belgium "Vlaanderen" were Gent is located. So I can wake up at a decent time in the morning and travel to Gent.

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