Hugo Burm BR hugob@datagram.nlBR hugob@humatix.nlBR BR I created the "Keesing Historisch Archief" (this is a Dutch title, but I think it translates almost 1-to-1 to the English language). It is the web edition of a Dutch magazine, 100,000+ xml files, published by Cocoon 1.8. The url is []. But it is a site for members only. BR BR Meanwhile I am very busy writing software for a Dutch company "Humatix", who is specialized in HR software (we are the creators of the VDU-Tachograph). This is for 95% MS Asp pages.... BR BR At the moment I am testing how I can use Cocoon 2.1 with a Form framework (JXforms or Woody), and a persistence framework (Hibernate).