JTidy (http://lempinen.net/sami/jtidy/) is a Java based incarnation of the "Tidy" program. This was originally created to improve html, but has been enhanced to do things such as convert HTML to xHTML.

It may be useful in connection with Cocoon by scraping some html from another source, and turning it into xHTML so that it can be manipulated by Cocoon.

JTidy is used by the HTMLGenerator to accept HTML documents as input for Cocoon pipelines.

Currently (June 2003) both Tidy and JTidy are inactive projects, each about 2 years since their last update.

JTidy new website(http://jtidy.sourceforge.net/) is now (January 2004) online!

JTidy project is starting again after two years without a release. Fabrizio Giustina just joined the project as new administrator and developer.

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