John likes Cocoon a lot.

He started using it in 2001. He discovered it because it was bundled in Borland J Builder.

A year or so later he used it to create a kind of neat reporting system, using Cocoon 2.0.4.

  1. Data was read from SQL servers via JDBC or EJB servers via Jython.
  2. Data was serialized to a simple but general format that could serialize all info in most Java objects.
  3. A simple XSLT script reformatted the XML data into a formatted canonical report format - still in XML.
  4. A second XSLT report would convert the canonical representation of the report from generic to document specific XML (or HTML) file format.
  5. XML would then be passed to the appropriate serializer to complete conversion to the desired format specified by the user.

Seeing Cocoon 2.1 come out in August 2003 is like a dream come true!

Other languages John enjoys programming in include:

Many of these languages can be accessed from Java code using BeanScriptingFramework.

SWI-Prolog can be accessed from Java code using the JPL API demonstrated here quite beautifully.

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