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Things to look at later

My experience with Cocoon can be characterized by periods of astonishment at the overwhelming power and potential of Cocoon, followed by long periods of frustration, as I plod through endless pages of scattered documentation, and attempt to build a Cocoon-based project. I routinely end up with 10-20 browser tabs open to various forks in the documentation that I need to read. Some of these branches are too big to read, when I'm busy researching the answers to smaller problems. Here are some of the docs I want to come back and read later.

Personal documentation index

Cocoon provides a huge variety of ways of solving the same problems. As a Cocoon newbie, I had a tough time figuring out which way was right for me. This was compounded by the fact that the documentation for various components is scattered across different sources (Cocoon 1.x docs, Cocoon 2.0 docs, Cocoon 2.1 docs, and this Cocoon Wiki. This is my attempt at unifying the documentation that I used most frequently.

When I link to the cocoon docs, I will link to the 2.1 docs, since I'm currently running 2.1m2. When official docs are available, I will link to those. Otherwise, I will link to the wiki.


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Form Validation Techniques

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