Quick instructions on how to activate LogFactor5 in Cocoon 2.1.

For more detailed informations see ConfiguringTheLogs.


LogFactor seems to have been replaced by ChainSaw, so you'll find little info about it in the Web. See ChainSaw to setup Chainsaw and Cocoon.


Is a gorgeous killer best-thing-since-sliced-bread visual real-time log analyzer tool. Did I mention that I like it?

LogFactor is a Swing application that allows you to see the logs in a user friendly way.

Using !LogFactor 5 with Cocoon 2.1

LogFactor5 can be activated very easily in logkit.xconf.

This assumes that you're using the stock logkit.conf that comes with Cocoon 2.1.

The original logkit.xconf contains several log target factories like this one

  <cocoon id="core">
      <format type="cocoon">
. . .

  <cocoon id="sitemap">
. . .

To use LogFactor5 instead of the standard file-based Cocoon logs, simply change the name of one or all of the cocoon elements to 'lf5', as in this example:

<lf5 id="core">
. . .

<lf5 id="sitemap">
. . .


Copy logfactor5-1.2.8.jar located in {lib/optional} of the Cocoon 2.1.4 distribution, into WEB-INF/lib folder of your web application.

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