Micah works for the company he founded, Brain Attic, L.L.C..

Enough with the 3rd person...

I've worked mainly on commercial code, but I'm excited to get into open source more. For six years I worked at Verity, using C++, Java, and some high-end cross-browser ECMAscript. Prior to that I did some biomed work and shipping logistics stuff. Prior to that, school (Electronics).

You can frequently find me on the OSAF wiki. I wrote one of the first 3rd party "parcels" for the Chandler project, but admittedly I haven't been doing much over there lately. I hope the new company can change that.

I wrote O'Reilly XForms Essentials (under an open content license) after being in the W3C XForms Working Group for a few years. I also wrote some articles on xml.com, XML Journal, IBM developerWorks, and the like.

I'd like to work on making Cocoon become an even better forms platform. For the record, I think dropping XMLForms and JXForms for CForms was a good call. I'm curious about ways to make XForms work better with Cocoon, e.g. XFormsInCocoon.

More boring details: http://dubinko.info/

Blog: http://dubinko.info/blog/

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