I'm a Java/C/C++/XML/XSLT/buzzword-buzzword-buzzword/blah-blah-blah developer living in Santa Cruz, CA, USA. I am currently on hiatus from a career in software development and have re-enrolled in college in order to complete my degree (in american literature). In the meantime, I do a weekly radio show promoting technology and science and find ways to get a tan without too much aid from CRT radiation.

When all is said and done, I will be a high school English teacher. Programming gets in the blood though. Once you're infected, regular treatment is the only option. I have found that the best remedies include sitting at a desk for a few hours at a time and doing finger exercises against a slightly resistive and varied surface -- preferrably with simple symbolic information.

Please assist me in my rehabilitation by sending email to miles at pcextremist.com. If you suffer a similar ailment, I can assist by promoting a support group with a cooperative finger exercise regimen. (Email me and I will email you back.)

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