It's a set of components (little framework) like CocoonForms widgets, (but for front-end presentation); This is a preview version made with macromedia flash mx (with Actionscript 1.0), that consumes a xml file whose path is received as parameter. To compile this version, the file mxarts-ui-components-x.fla and the lib folder are needed; it's founded in the file.

The current version is 1 :)

Components can be found on the library panel of the flash mx movie

For xpath queries of xml file it uses software of xfactorstudio.

Examples are done in the file.

This components can be easily integrated with Cocoon as process for build quick front-ends. The steps are:

  1. create a match for read the resources (the .swf generated files)
  2. create a match for generate the xml file that is consumed by the movie
  3. create a match for generate the 'htm' file that contains the <object> tag linking the .swf generated file

It's just a short description; in the future this page should be updated (TODO!!!)

Background Theory

See also:

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