So you are looking for the code and documentation of the unit-test framework? It is on the page about UnitTestingStylesheetsAndPipelines.


My name is Nico Verwer, and I am a software developer for Be Value in the Netherlands.

For many years I have worked on web and XML related projects, but I had not used Cocoon until April 2003, when some colleagues and I started working on a project for a large publishing company. Our job was to implement a configurable production system, making publications from sets of 'XML components' coming from the content management system. With Cocoon, we (two programmers) were able to do this in record time. We have developed techniques to produce VERY large documents with Cocoon, and to compute increments for changing document sets.

We are going to use Cocoon for more projects, and intend to actively participate in the Cocoon community, first by writing some documentation for this Wiki.

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