Happy Cocoon user since the 1.6 days. And independant developper and founder of Le Petit Atelier de Génie logiciel.

I am living in the french-speaking part of Switzerland and focus on cultural and educational projects. In my spare time, I also work for a non-profit non-violent organisation, the Centre Martin Luther King.

I use Cocoon for a variety of purposes, mostly from the CLI and for XHTML and PDF publishing to websites. I love Cocoon's ability to integrate cleanly many different datasources. I also used Cocoon quite a few times in combination with FOP and Batik to produce nice reports.

Somes recent Cocoon-based publications:

* Réseau romand Science et Cité, Parcours Alph@

* Nouvo

* Gallerie 57/34.6 km

October 8th, 2004

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