A simplified SourceWritingTransformer.


This transformer can be used to save portions of XML to a file or capture the stream output of a url and write that to a file.

Particularly useful to easily store generated content _and_ copy (un)related files along with the output files in a single transform. For instance when processing all files in an input directory.

This transformer listens to the namespace.

Original author GeertJosten.


In order to use it you have to declare the Transformer as a sitemap component:


You can call it as any other Transformer:


Insert instructions in the content stream in one of the following formats:

To write an XML fragment to a file..

To write the complete result of a Cocoon or external call (XML or binary)..

Note: src and serializer attributes are mutually exclusive. Specifying both attributes will cause an Exception!


No configuration currenly.


None known. This Cocoon component has been used in a few production level and several experimental projects.

Source code

See attached file. The source is provided as-is, no guaranties, no support.

Note: it was originally developed for Cocoon 2.1.4, but it compiled straight-away with Cocoon 2.1.6. I reccon compiling it for even newer versions should not be a problem.

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