Specific database connections

Here you will find the operations and the tricks to connect Cocoon to your database.

In the official documentation there is no information about where to find the JDBC driver or the specific class to load. This document's aim is to fill that gap. For complete instructions please refer to the official documentation on database access.

If your database is not listed and you have succeded in connecting please contribute to this page.-- Gabridome

Available databases

Reader's comments

As these pages all contain a lot of common information, I think we should 'refactor' them in a common explanations pages and database-specific configuration files examples. Any volunteers? -- BertrandDelacretaz
I'd like to thank all the contributors to this page. Please go on there are many others databases. I agree with Bertrand but have no idea on how to refactor the pages. Maybe the "common explanation pages" could be the ones from the official documentation.
I have set up a page for SpecificDatabaseConnectionNew
-- Gabridome
I would be very interested to hear whether anyone has attempted to use Cocoon with Apache Torque which is a Object->relational tool used in Apache Turbine. This would save a lot of ugly ESQL code.... if it was used. -- AlexMcLintock

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