sunDance NG is a Content Management System that uses Cocoon for the publishing side of things. The product itself is split into a client application (based on Eclipse), a WebDAV Server and the publishing engine (Cocoon).

sunDance Client

The sunDance client is built on top of the Eclipse IDE. Here is a list of functionality:

sunDance Web Client

The sunDance Web client is built on Cocoon components. It provides most authoring needs in a browser like navigating the folder hierarchy and creating/editing content. It comes ready for integration with the authentic browser plugin for WYSIWYG editing (IE Win).

WebDAV Server

The sunDance client connects to a WebDAV enabled server for data storage. The actual functionality of sunDance is in fact determined to some extent by the WebDAV server used. Not all servers support the full set of functionality.

To date, sunDance has been tested with:

Publishing Engine

sunDance uses Cocoon for the publishing side. The added funtionality includes:

User Management

The user management is Cocoon based and can integrate into databases, files or LDAP directories.


The first version of sunDance is scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2003.


For more information please contact mailto:mlangham@s-und-n.de.

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