The processing part of a Pipeline. Its inputs and outputs are both SAX events. The output stream is the result of some processing, which may involve an XSLT transformation.


<map:transformers default="xslt">
<map:transformer name="xslt" src="org.apache.cocoon.transformation.TraxTransformer">
<use-store map:value="true"/>
<use-request-parameters map:value="false"/>
<use-browser-capabilities-db map:value="false"/>
<map:transformer name="log" src="org.apache.cocoon.transformation.LogTransformer"/>

The default attribute on the transformers element indicates the default transformer to use if a pipeline does not explicitly declare one.


Sample usage:

<map:match pattern="hello.html">
<map:generate src="docs/samples/hello-page.xml"/>
<map:transform src="stylesheets/page/simple-page2html.xsl"/>
<map:serialize type="html"/>

Standard Transformers

The simplest transformer provided is the XalanTransformer (and presumably one of these performing an identity transform). Several transformers are provided with Cocoon:

Additional Transformers

Implementing transformers


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