Unit-tests for stylesheets and pipelines.

Unit and regression testing is a best practice of software engineering. If you don't know about unit testing and test-driven development, please have a look at these excellent websites:

There are several tools available that will help you to do unit and regression testing, integration testing and acceptance testing on your Cocoon applications. For example, you can and should use

However, until now there was no framework for testing stylesheets and Cocoon pipelines, which are at the core of many Cocoon applications. For my work on several projects using Cocoon I needed such a framework, and decided that it shouldn't be too hard to build one. The result is CoUnit (names like CUnit and CCUnit were already taken), which offers a simple framework for unit tests, complementary to other tools (like JUnit and HttpUnit).

The code and documentation for CoUnit 2.0 can be found on Google Code. There is also a cocoondev project at here.

You may be interestedin my presentation at the Cocoon GetTogether 2004, which I have attached to this page. Also look at the GT2004Nico notes.

You are invited to play around with the code and improve it. If you are interested to join the CoUnit project as a member, send me an email (nverwer at be-value-nl, or if you add to this page I will get notified).

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