Views are Sitemap components that define different views (endpoints) of a website, independent from its Pipelines. Any pipeline may take part in a particular view.

Views are exit points from a pipeline. (Therefore, you can request the output of earlier steps in a pipeline other than the usual endpoint, e.g. the raw XML before transformation?)

Selectors can achieve the same functionality, but Views are declared once per sitemap whereas selectors have to be associated with each pipeline explicitly.

Views are defined as follows:

<map:view name="content" from-label="content">
<map:serialize type="xml"/>

<map:view name="links" from-position="last">
<map:serialize type="links"/>

TODO: adding labels to site map components to invoke view processing

TODO: requesting views using URI parameter

There's actually quite a chunk of documentation about Views on the Cocoon site. -- LeighDodds

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