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Using the Wildcard Request Parameter Matcher

The parameter matcher takes a parameter called 'parameter-name' in the map:matcher definition to work. This is the request parameter that you want to match on. For each parameter you need, add a new matcher definition, each with a different name.

For example; we want a matcher for the request

Add the wildcard-request matcher to the <map:matchers> section of the main sitemap:

        <map:matcher name="match-param-paramname"

This would match the following pipeline

        <map:match type="match-param-paramname" pattern="**">
                <map:generate src="helloworld.xml"/>
                <map:transform src="stylesheets/helloworld.xsl">
                        <map:parameter name="paramname" value="{1}"/>
                <map:serialize type="html"/>

In this case, the value of paramname, the string 'valueofparam', is passed on to the helloworld XSL as an <xsl:parameter>.

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