20030501: Created.
20031111: Updated for latest version of Cocoon (2.1.3 CVS). This should work for the released versions 2.1. Important: the XMLForm sample is not updated. Only the JXForm is. The map xmltest is renamed into xmltest_deprecated. When you start adding persistence to your xmlform project (which is a serious step), consider upgrading to jxforms first.


This is a rewrite of the flowscript prefs sample (http://localhost:8080/cocoon/samples/flow/prefs/) It has already been adapted to XMLForm by someone else (but I cannot find it anymore in the current samples).
This howto adds persistence by using Hibernate.
And I ported it to JXForm.
If you are new to Hibernate and/or run into trouble with the example below, try the less complicated example at the Wiki page: UsingHibernateToMakeYourJavaBeansPersistent. This page also explains howto include the Hibernate jars in Cocoon.
All the files mentioned below are in the attachment.


About the implementation:

The main parts are:

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