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You want the lighter debug solution of a pipeline ? Try the "debug" serializer.



Insert/Delete it everywhere in your pipe (for now this bad practice is not yet forbid by cocoon) like that

  <map:generate ...>
  <map:transform ...>
  <map:transform ...>
  <!-- till here it works -->
  <map:transform ...>

  <!-- this step don't send what I need, lets serialize now to see what there is  -->
  <map:serialize type="debug">

  <map:transform ...>
  <map:transform ...>
  <map:serialize ...>

What is it ? Nothing more than a default XML serializer to declare, with some simple parameters to precise. Never read it in the doc, but found it in the code : the XML serializer use your default xsl engine to get text from SAX events.

<map:serializer name="debug" mime-type="text/plain" src="org.apache.cocoon.serialization.XMLSerializer">

view a one Mo xml file in your browser ? By server or client, it's always an XSL transform to HTML "pretty-view", expensive. Also, usually you need to verify the source to check <![CDATA[ ]]>, &entities;, or xmlns="" declarations.

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