I've read lots of messsages of people with problems making Xindice work with Cocoon. I succeded and I could even make a logicsheet work with Xindice. It takes some time but if you follow the steps below carefully you should get a working Xindice in Cocoon through the pseudo protocol and the mentioned logicsheet.


I assume you have a Cocoon working installation and a Xindice one (examples included) but maybe you have problems connecting them. I also assume you have Tomcat running on port 8080 and Xindice on port 4080 and COCOON_HOME is your home directory of the cocoon webapp inside Tomcat.

You will also need to download the eXist project or get only its XSP logicsheet from CVS repository.

The process explained below was tested on Cocoon 2.1-dev with Tomcat 4.1.9 and Xindice 1.0 release on Windows XP and also on Cocoon 2.0.3 release with Tomcat 4.1.9 and Xindice 1.0 release on Windows 2000 Professional SP3.

Let's go



{{{<?xml version="1.0"?> <xsp:page xmlns:xsp="http://apache.org/xsp"


I double checked my notes and I think that's all. Oh, unfortunately it does not do XUpdate...so we should learn more and try to write a custom transformer for that.

-- JosemaAlonso


I'm not a guru, just a newbie, this is just the result of a hard work until late at night for some days, reading hundreds of email messages in the mailing archive and trying it very very hard. This has worked for me, hope it'll do for you. I tried to explain it the easiest way possible. I could only tried the get-collection and get-document tags by now.

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