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A young man working in Beijing that, with a strength, became a milkman. Soon, his own efforts, set up to send milk company. Because he is honest and trustworthy, quality service, and after several years of hard work, his company quickly developed into 20 million households in the size of subscribers.
His conversation with a friend advertise suddenly thought, the company has 20 million households in subscribers is a huge network is not it? This network is used only to send milk is a waste, why not use that as the carrier, was rushed to the delivery of milk ads as well as coaches do? So, he set up advertising media company. Company Advertising staff, part-time by the milkman.
The initial victory, he decided to give milk as the carrier network, they sell more business. He then co-operation with a number of shopping malls, e-commerce and distribution, also founder of magazine advertising, new business are relying on the company roll out this network, its profit is much higher than the profits of milk delivery.
Milk, development of client is set to open to 30 million, and employees from the first three individuals to the current 2,800, 2,000 yuan of assets from the initial surge to the present 150 million yuan. This has become a young man named Wu Zuoren billionaire, his company received the "Third National civilized community contribution" award, he also received "Top Ten Beijing foreign youth" title.
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