Release Plan For BeanUtils 1.7.0


This is primarily a service release aimed at allowing downstream users to use BeanUtils with either commons-collection 2.x or 3.x. There will also be significant changes in packaging and the introduction of beanification.

The release is still in the advanced planning stage but it's important that it's done promptly.


Final preparations.

Pre Release Tasks

Bean Collections

Web Site




I've taken a look at the new beans and I think that probably the original policy (matching them with the method names on the static methods) is about right. Will probably all change when we are able to break compatibility...

Collections Compatibility


Bug Review

No bug review for this release.

Check Compatibility

This release should be binary compatible with the last 1.6.1 release. DONE

Release Plan


A release branch will be created (RELEASE_BEANUTILS_1_7_0_BRANCH).

Release Notes

These will be prepared in the traditional fashion. DONE

Release Candidate

A release candidate will be prepared and some time will be allowed for review and testing before moving to the release VOTE. DONE

Up to BeanUtils

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