BeanUtils 1.7 Release

This is primarily a service release designed to allow downstream users to use either commons-collection 2.x or commons-colletions 3.x with BeanUtils. Major areas of change outlined below:

Elimination of Commons Collections Dependency

This has been acheived by:

  1. moving some (identical) classes packages below the org.apache.commons.collections space into the distribution (on a temporary basis)
  2. distributing those classes which are bean related enhancements to the commons collections package in an optional jar

Due to demand, a third jar with everything in will also be distributed.

The appropriate methods will be deprecated allowing the collection packaged classes added to be removed in a future service release.


BeanUtils has been in the process of Beanification. The older Booch utilities are very limiting and have problems in container environments. These are being superceded by versions of these which are proper classes.

Work remains to be done on this. In particular, the APIs need to be reviewed and decisions taken about which new methods which will remain after the release and which need to be deprecated for the release.

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