Release Plan for Betwixt 0.5

As described in the roadmap, a 0.5 release will be produced that will act as a baseline release for the older design. The intention is to give users of the 1.0 Alpha a stable (but limited) full release. This release plan is designed to meet this aim.



Pre Release

Since this is a baseline release intended to allow those users on the Alpha or on handrolled snapshots to upgrade to a full release, less preparation is neccessary than for other kinds of release.


A new release branch (RELEASE_0_5_BRANCH) will be taken as this plan has been agreed. This will allow development to continue on CVS HEAD without risking the stability of the release. Release candidates and releases will be cut from this branch.


Improvements to documentation are a lesser priority for this release. Though, of course, documentation patches are particularly prized ;)

Bug Review

Not necessary for this release.


Release Candidate

A release candidate will be prepared but there should be no real need to wait long before proceeding to the release vote.


Release Notes

The completed task list should suffice.

Up to Betwixt

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