Betwixt 0.6 Release Plan

As described in the release plan, the 0.6 is a baseline release for the new, refactored codebase. It should provide an easy update route for those using the 0.5 codebase as well as providing a full release for those users on various versions from the refactoring branch.

Numerous deprecated methods and classes will still be found in this release. Those which were deprecated in 0.5 will be removed soon.


Approved, release branch taken.

Pre Release

Since this is a baseline release less preparation should be necessary. It is intended that the code will be released more or less as it is.


A new release branch (RELEASE_0_6_BRANCH) will be taken as this plan has been agreed. This will allow development to continue on CVS HEAD without risking the stability of the release. Release candidates and releases will be cut from this branch.


This is of a lesser priority for this release. Though, of course, documentation patches are particularly prized ;)


Release Candidate

A release candidate will be produced and some time allowed for it to be reviewed. This time need not be excessive.

Release Notes

The task list should suffice.

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