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The Javadoc of the latest version is [http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/collections/apidocs-COLLECTIONS_3_1/index.html available]. The Javadoc of the latest version is [http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/collections/api-release/index.html available].

Commons Collections

[http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/collections Collections] aims to provide:

  • New implementations of the JDK Collection, Set, List and Map interfaces
  • Additional related collection interfaces and implementations
  • Abstract base classes to simplify the writing of new implementations
  • A testing framework, as a published jar, that excercises the API fully

The Javadoc of the latest version is [http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/collections/api-release/index.html available].

["Collections Questions"]

Releases & Compatability

The latest release (v3.2) can be downloaded [http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/collections/index.html#Releases here].

Two releases of Collections are currently in common use - v2.x and v3.x. These releases are source compatible (with deprecations). Unfortunately, due to human error, these releases are binary incompatible in the IteratorUtils class. If you don't use this class, then the two versions are binary compatible.

All users of v2.1 should upgrade to v2.1.1, and all users of v3.0 should upgrade to v3.1 to help solve the issue.

Unofficial Releases

John Watkinson and Matt Hall have a release of a fully type safe Collections ported to Java 1.5 generics. It can be downloaded from http://collections.sf.net for now and commented on in the development mailing lists.


You can give feedback on what you would like included in future releases by contacting the commons-dev@jakarta.apache.org mailing list, prefixing you email by [collections]. Alternatively add a comment here:


This article http://www.devx.com/Java/Article/29392/0/page/3 explains real world usage of Commons Collections and samples are provided for a few.

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