Commons Standard Web Presence

The Problem

Currently, each Commons component is entirely responsible for its own web site. In addition, the "home" Commons site is maintained independently of the components themselves. The following problems result from this arrangement.

The Proposal

The Commons community has deemed it a worthwhile goal to create a common looking web presence across all of the Commons components. To accomplish this goal, a common web site generation and deployment process will be developed and employed by all the Commons components. The final process will meet the following requirements:

The Plan

Use of Maven

Of all the tools available to generate websites, Maven has been chosen to create the Commons components' sites. The primary reasons for this choice are:

Step 1. Mavenize all Commons Components

Some Commons components already have a Maven generated site. Most, however, do not use Maven for site generation or deployment. The first step to reaching a common looking web presence is to mavenize all the components under the Commons moniker.

(PROPOSED) Step 2. Define a Standard "Interface" which every Component site should implement.

Each component should have a series of common pages. Such as "description", "examples", "FAQ", "roadmap".

Each component should use a xdocs/navigation.xml for their menus. Make use of the top-menus and bottom-menus xml entities to include the common menus, for example:

Each component should have a xdocs/download.xml file. It should give an overview of all available resources.

For example:

Each component should have a project.xml extending project-base.xml For example:

Each component should have a file that includes the following:, maven.xdoc.poweredby.image=maven-feather.png For example:

Each component should have a build.xml file that can be used by gump. Not using the maven jars but the gump dependencies. (only required for proper components?)

(PROPOSED) Step 3. Reorganize the content of main commons site


How to deploy

Current Status

TBD (List status, w.r.t. this proposal, of each component in proper and sandbox.)

Commons Proper Components

Commons Sandbox Components

Commons Dormant Components

Commons Miscellaneous Information

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