Release Plan For Digester 1.6.0


This is a primarily a service release aimed at allowing downstream users to use Digester with either commons-collections 2.x or 3.x. This will be achieved by breaking the explicit dependency on commons collections. There will also be a number of bug fixes and enhancements but this will not the main purpose. The release of any new code that seems immature or which may require extra thought will be postponed to a enhancements and bug fix release (probably 1.7.0) which will follow soon after 1.6.0.



Pre Release Tasks

Release Branch

The first task will be to take a release branch (RELEASE_DIGESTER_1_6_0_BRANCH) taken from the current HEAD. Work for this release will contain on this branch whilst the push towards the enhancements/bug fix release can begin on HEAD.


Assess Code

Early decisions need to be taken about which code is stable enough to be have it's API fixed (in binary terms) by an immediate release and which is mature enough to be released immediately without further testing. DONE

Review Documentation

Review the state of the documentation and assess what can be done to improve it before the 1.6.0 release. DONE

Bug Review

No bug review

Check Compatibility

This should be binary compatible with the 1.5.0 digester release. DONE

Release Plan


The release will be cut from the release branch created earlier.

Release Notes

These will be prepared in the traditional manner. DONE (Thanks guys!)

Release Candidate

A release candidate will be prepared and sufficient time allowed before the release vote for testing.


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