Commons Logging 1.0.4 ReleasePlan

Assembling a release plan on the wiki is a bit of a departure but in some ways it seems like a good medium. Anyone (not just developers) can more easily participate. Also, creating and executing a release plan involves a fair amount of building up and checking that things have been done.


It is a while since the last commons logging release and during that time several small but important fixes have been made. The current code in CVS HEAD will also support the upcoming Log4J release. (Thanks Ceki :) )

The time seems right to cut another commons logging release.



Pre-Release Tasks

Anyone who wants to volunteer for a task, just add something

Documentation Review

Ensure that javadocs and website are up to date.


Bug Review

Review open bugs:

  1. 28933 Cri NEW patch to make commons-logging compileable againt cvs-head
  2. 27504 Maj NEW LogConfigurationException when using STRUTS with 2 applicati

  3. 27528 Nor NEW [logging][PATCH] Enable the configuration of date and time f
  4. 28291 Nor NEW ContextClassLoader may load Log impl from wrong context in J

  5. 27663 Enh NEW [logging] Add MemoryLog

Resolution (proposed by review)

  1. CLOSED (alternative patch already applied)
  2. close and document craig's comments in FAQ
  3. inclined to support this enhancement (robert burrell donkin)
  4. need more time to think about this one (see comments). probably one to mark LATER
  5. inclined to support this enhancement (robert burrell donkin) but am inclined to mark LATER

Bug Fix

Work required on issues 2 and 3 in this list. Applied patch 3 (with additional unit tests). Added documentation about 2.


Test Compatibility

As a point release, this should be fully backwards compatible.

Use JDiff and browsed differences. Seem OK.

Update Release Notes

These needs to be updated with any additions since RC1.

Release Plan


There seems no need to create a release branch since Commons-Logging is reasonable stable.

Release Notes

Once the code is frozen (once all the pre-release tasks are complete) the release notes will be prepared in the time homoured fashion (from CVS commit comments).


Release Candidate

A release candidate will be prepared. Since backwards and future compatibility with Log4J is of crucial importance, users and developers will be asked to test their current installations with the release candidate. This will be RC2 (the RC1 candidate never saw the light of day but is tagged in CVS).

Therefore a suitable gap (to allow this testing) will be left between the announcement of the release and the release vote.


Post Release

Process Bugs Marked Later

The bugs marked LATER will be processed as soon as the release is cut. Probably, the new loggers will be placed into an optional loggers distribution probably together with Avalon logger.


Up to Logging

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