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JCL 1.0.4 was release in July. The 1.0.x codebase is mature and most of the limitations of the design are well understood. A small number of improvements have been made since this release some very important for some use cases. There is now considerable interest in pushing JCL onwards from this codebase. The time seems apt for the release of JCL1.0.5


Release cancelled. After an initial release candidate was created, it was decided to do additional significant work. This new work is being released as version 1.1; see Logging/1.1.0ReleasePlan for details.

Pre-Release Tasks

Anyone who wants to volunteer for a task, just add something

Documentation Review

Bug Review

DONE (thanks Dennis)

Bug Fix

Test Compatibility

As a point release, this should be fully backwards compatible. This needs checking.

Release Notes

This will be prepared in the traditional way (by using CVS commit logs).

Release Plan


A release branch will be taken as soon as the preliminary work is complete. This will allow work to continue on HEAD. If possible, this step should be postponed until after jakarta commons is converted to SVN.


Release Notes

Any changes made after the branch is taken and code frozen will be added as they are made.


Approval Process

JCL is very widely used component. Any issues with a new release have the potential for great downstream damage.

Therefore, I would like to propose that CandidateQualityElection be used as the approval process for this release. I believe that this process will give the maximum chance for problems to be detected before they can cause damage to downstream users.

Release Candidate

A release candidate will be prepared. Since backwards and future compatibility with Log4J is of crucial importance, users and developers will be asked to test their current installations with the release candidate.

Therefore a suitable gap (to allow this testing) will be left between the announcement of the release and the release vote. Committers will be encouraged to test this RC on their own application before VOTEing +1.


Post Release

Process Bugs Marked Later


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