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 * eliminate optional jar  * eliminate optional jar '''DONE'''

Commons Logging 1.1.0 ReleasePlan



Pre-Release Tasks

Anyone who wants to volunteer for a task, just add something

Documentation Review

Bug Review

  • Bug 31286 [logging] Memory leaks in JBoss due to LogFactory cache

  • Bug 32618 [logging] Enterprise Commons Logging : Globalization & more

    • IBM's (through Richard) proposal which seems too much for this release.
  • Bug 35774 [logging] TCCL problem in J2EE Container

  • Bug 36041 [logging] Include class loader information when LogFactoryImpl throws LogConfigurationException.

    • Reporter has been asked if it's OK to close this issue.
  • Bug 36062 [logging] extended API: getChildLogger(String)

    • The two Joergs have said on the dev-list that they are willing to wait until a later release with this one.
  • Bug 36927 [logging] Disabling of TCCL

  • Bug 37067 [logging] enhancement : add support for ant task logger

    • Waiting for someone to create a patch.
  • Bug 37420 [logging] Online JCL 1.0.4 API Javadoc missing

    • This is a website issue. Someone needs to change a link. The process of copying the api-docs for a previous release should be documented, if it isn't already.
  • Bug 37427 [logging] Redirect stdout and stderr to logging system

    • Simon and Robert agrees that this should not go into commons logging.
  • Bug 37484 [logging] call to getClassLoader() in LogFactoryImpl not checked for null

    • Might have been solved already.

Bug Fixes

Design decisions

  • Do we remove the ServletContextCleaner?

    1. It's obviously too controversial. Maybe the code could be put in the documentation somewhere, or on the wiki.
  • Decide whether to merge the weak-hash-map stuff into the main trunk or leave it in an "optional" jar. If we merge it, we can do away with the optional jar completely which is good. However it does mean that if there is a bug in it people can't disable it. If bundled in the main jar there might need to be a little extra code to just ignore it when it throws an exception on load for java < 1.3.

  • Sort out whether we split Log4JLogger into two classes or not. If we choose two classes, how should we name them?
    1. Rename Log4J12Logger.java back to Log4JLogger.java. That would make the upgrade transparent for the previous use-case. But there is the chance that this will not work at all for a user that is currently using JCL 1.0.4 together with log4jalpha-something and a configuration file stating that Log4JLogger should be used.

    2. Users who configure JCL to use Log4JLogger might reasonably expect JCL to guess the log4j version and use the correct logger. so, perhaps one option would be to create a delegating implementation.
  • Decide our jar distribution strategy (in particular, whether we ship the optional jar or not).
  • How do we give downstream packagers and users a fair view of the actual JCL dependencies?

Work To Resolve Design Issues

  • eliminate optional jar DONE

sub-components don't work very well. in particular, i think too many users are going to get too confused by yet another jar. WeakHashMap will go into the base distribution, other classes will be moved into contrib. perhaps another component (logging-extras) would be good or perhaps moving them off shore.

  • clean up source DONE

demonstration will be moved into contrib

  • improve support for downstream packagers

add an ant task that creates a distribution with minimal dependencies. create guide to help people understand the distribution with section on dependencies.

  • log4j loggers

log4j 1.3 is still not released. the new JCL release cannot depend on unreleased code. the 1.3 implementation will be moved into contrib. Log4JLogger and Log4J12Logger will be shipped with notes that direct use of log4jlogger is deprecated and will be replaced by a logical logger when log4j 1.3 ships.

Test Compatibility

Verify that TRACE support works for Log4J 1.2.12+. DONE

Release Notes

Release Plan


Release Notes

Approval Process

Release Candidate

Post Release

Process Bugs Marked Later


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