Maven 3 Plan


2010-10-07 The Vote to release Maven 3 is in progress on the maven dev list.


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Site Generation


See Maven 3.x and site plugin

The main issue with Maven3 are the changes to site generation. The <reporting> section no longer works - maven-site-plugin is now configured in the <plugins> section of <build> with report plugins configured in the maven-site-plugin's configuration.

Merging site configuration items from a parent POM

There's an issue with inheriting the maven-site-plugin's configuration from a parent and merging it with a components configuration - See:

At the moment (i.e. 3.0-beta-2 of the maven-site-plugin) the fix is to add combine.children="append" (See FAQs-1) - its not 100% and I don't currently know whether this is the only/permanent solution or whether the maven team is going to fix this properly. You can see an example of this here

              <reportPlugins combine.children="append">



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