Pool Road Map


Pool 2

This will not fully compatible with the Pool 1.x releases. This has been necessitated by some recent changes to semantics. Areas with the code contracts defined in interfaces is loosely defined or unnecessary allows methods to return a variety of responses with the same meaning will be changed to more user friendly behavior. This release will take advantage of Java 1.4 features.

The planned changes of behavior are based on the intent of the client code using the pool.

Acquiring idle objects:

Returning idle objects:

Pool maintenance methods:

Other points:


JMX support:

Pool 3

This may break API compatibility for implementations of pools but shouldn't affect client code using pools. Mostly the exceptions declared in the interfaces that is no longer needed because of behavior changes in Pool 2 will be removed. This release probably will take advantage of Java 5 (aka: 1.5) features.

Probable changes:

Performant Implementations

The current implementations concentrate on stability and robustness rather than performance. Pool 2 will introduce new implementations geared towards performance.

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