+ all components should use this report

o this report is optional

- no component should use this report


+ license

Source health

Not interesting for users - only for developers.

+ checkstyle (code formatting)

+ findbugs (similar to pmd, but has features not found in pmd)

+ pmd/cpd (bugs, code duplication, coding standards)

+ tasklist (to do list)

- jdepend (quality metrics)

- simian (similar to cpd)


+ cobertura (test coverage)

+ junit (test reports)

- clover (same as cobertura)

- jcoverage (same as cobertura)

Changes since last release

+ changelog (SCM activity per commit)

+ changes or jira

+ clirr (binary compatibility)

+ jdiff (since tags)

- developer-activity (SCM activity per developer)

- file-activity (SCM activity per file)


+ javadoc

+ jxr (cross reference)

User guide

+ linkcheck (for validating releases)

o faq

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