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Proposed chairs: Matt Franklin, ?

Community Over Code

Or possibly "Apache Introversion" as a weak pun on the "Apache in ..." meme?

Apache Incubator

Or is this now "Overture and Beginners"?

Apache in Science

Proposed Chair(s): Chris Mattmann, Suresh Marru and Marlon Pierce

Apache in Science will highlight the Apache OODT and Apache Airavata projects, along with Apache Tika, Nutch, Solr, etc., and their use in the design, development and delivery of science data systems. The track will also cover the application of these technologies to science domains including bioinformatics (cancer research/pediatric care); Earth and space sciences; and Radio Astronomy. The track will have talks from two categories: *systems/framework* oriented talks focusing on the nuts and bolts of OODT and Airavata; and *application* oriented talks, focused on the use of OODT and Airavata in science domains.

A Patchy Server

Proposed chairs: Rich Bowen, Jim Jagielski

Pretty much mainstream httpd stuff, lest we forget our origins.

Apache in the Cloud

Proposed chairs: David Nalley, Aaron Coburn

Messaging Technologies

Proposed chairs: Matt Franklin, ?

I don't think we really need to contract this - people understand what messaging is, right?

Hadoop/Big Data

Proposed chair: ?; co-chair: Alan Gates



We probably need a better name for this.

Proposed chairs: Christian Mueller

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