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Hi All

It's now just over 2 months until ApacheCon North America in Portland, and it's time to start thinking about how your project can get more involved! We've oportunities before, during and after the conference, so there's plenty of chances to find the right spot/spots for your communities.

On the Sunday before we're having a BarCamp, on the Monday we've got a hackathon, Tuesday to Thursday early evenings we have a range of talks / mini-BarCamp sessions / lightning talks etc, Tuesday to Thursday later evenings we have the usual BoFs / meetups, and Friday/Saturday there's a chance for dedicated project hackathons. Plenty of chances for your project to engage with the existing community, and draw new people in as well!

For more information on the community events taking place at ApacheCon, and to sign your project up to get involved in the events, please see <>

Finally, however your project is or will be involved in the event, whether it's talks, hackathons, meetups etc, it'd be great if you could ensure your community know what's going on. Please let your user and dev lists know what's happening around your community at ApacheCon, let them know about the early-bird registration deadline (we don't want them to miss out on discounted tickets!), list something on your project site to let them know what you're doing etc. Banners and icons for the event are available from

Thanks Nick (On behalf of the planning team)

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To: Reply-To: Subject: ApacheCon North America - early bird ticket reminder, and how to get involved!

Hi All

First up, as you hopefully all know, it's just over 2 months until ApacheCon North America in Portland! Very very heavily discounted committers tickests are still available, for the amazing price of $275. However, they're only available until the 31st of December, so don't delay! After that there are no committers discounts, and the price jumps to $1095, so you really don't want to miss out if you can.... The full conference program is now available, if you need that to convince people to let you go, you can find it at

To register at the knock-down rate, head to and use your address along with the promotion code committer-13 to get the "Committer Registration" rate. Remember, discounted committer registration is only available until the end of December, so don't miss it!

Secondly, there are lots of chances for projects to get involved in ApacheCon, before, during and after, so make sure you book your travel and accomodation so you're around to take part in it all!

On the Sunday before the conference, we've a BarCamp taking place. The Monday features a hackathon, which presents a chance to work on new code for your project, or get involved / try out a new one. During the conference in the early evenings we've things running from the last talk onwards, including mini BarCamp sessions, Lightning talks and more. Every evening from 8pm we'll have our usual Project Meetups and BoFs. Finally, after the event on the Friday and Saturday, some projects will be hosting their own dedicated hackathons.

To find out more about what's going to be happening before / during / after, so you can plan your accomodation and travel, please see (and sign up!) on the ApacheCon Wiki - <>

Finally, if Portland isn't your home town, and you really wish there was an Apache event near where you live, help is available! Sadly there's no magic conference fairy who'll wave a wand and make an event appear, no matter how much we all wish there was... What there is is plenty of advise, experience, mentoring, funding and support. If you're interested in helping make something happen in your area, join the small-events-discuss list and the community can help you get started!

Nick (On behalf of the planning team)

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