Concom and the Planning team have spent the weekend doing preliminary planning for Oakland. We're hoping to structure part of the conference in a new way, with more community and PMC interaction. Stay tuned for emails to ppmcs@ and to all the great speakers who submitted CFPs for our conference. We'll be asking for your help and feedback - be sure to respond quickly when you get the call, so we'll still have time to organize all our great content.

In particular, while we're evaluating all the great CPF submissions we've gotten, we're also looking for PMCs / community to help more actively shape our content.

Proposals / Decisions

Planning Schedule



6 April

Letter to PMC / CFP respondents

13 April

Letter of intent by PMC is due

27 April

Detailed community proposals required

10 May

Request for changes to community proposals (inclusion of proposed talks, change of abstract etc.)

25 May

Final schedule for ApacheCon US published



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