For 2010, we're interested in showcasing the ASF using a number of themes.

Top 5 Themes for 2010

The following themes will be key speaking topics, in how we want to publicize the great work that The Apache Software Foundation and all of it's many projects do:

  1. Apache: foundation of the Cloud
  2. The Apache Way (ASF process) works!
  3. Apache HTTP server – going from strength to strength
  4. Ushering new innovations in the next decade (Incubator, Labs, new releases, etc.)
  5. ASF hits 1M revisions (most likely early Fall 2010 timeframe)

You can see a searchable list of all the projects and technologies at the ASF, as well as a list of all of the Podlings in the Incubator (Podlings are upcoming projects).

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