/!\ This document is DRAFT and is subject to review by ConCom

Any event that uses the Apache brand or trademarks must be approved by ConCom.

ConCom can also provide mentoring and, in some cases, financial support to Apache branded events. It is important to understand financial support is only available for community organised events that are not intended to make a profit.

This document describes the kind of support available and the conditions under which it will be provided. The ConComSupportWorkflow outlines the process for getting ConCom support and running your event.

Projects are free to run their own events, but they cannot use the Apache trademarks without approval from ConCom (and hence PRC). Approval is sought through concom@apache.org.

Basic Requirements

ConCom aims to facilitate, not prevent, those wishing to organize an event. ConCom will consider events whatever their format, provided the following criteria are met.



Event Types

Events that ConCom has previously supported include conferences, conference tracks, MeetUp and BarCamp events. This document presents an overview of each of these event types.


This is a traditional conference format aiming to cover a broad spectrum Apache technologies. In practice it has a predefined programme that aims to cover at least 60% of the Apache projects. ApacheCon is an example of a conference format. Typically a conference will target users rather than developers. However, there may be co-located events targeted at developers. Conferences are outward focusing events. They serve to help users get to grips with Apache products and processes.

Conferences are high profile and are, at present, handled by licensing the brand to a professional conference producer.

Conference Track

Apache members are regularly approached by other conferences that wish to include an Apache track, day or other content.

Individuals may, of course, present Apache-related material at any conference without the approval of ConCom. However, if a collection of content is to be marketed under the Apache brand, or any of our trademarks, it must have the approval of ConCom.

If you wish to organize a conference track, please see the Basic Requirements listed above for information about what's needed.


A MeetUp is a formal/semi-formal event that covers a subset of Apache technologies. It will usually have a semi- or fully-defined programme, although an event which does not have a defined programme but that is targeted exclusively at developers will also be classed as a MeetUp.

For example, an event exclusively dealing with Hadoop would be a MeetUp, as would an event covering Web Services technologies. A MeetUp may cover several Apache projects, or several MeetUp events--each covering a single project--may be co-located.

A MeetUp is an inward-focusing event, that is they do not serve to spread the Apache message, they serve to build the Apache community.

In addition to the Basic Requirements above, MeetUps should:


A BarCamp is an informal event that does not exclusively focus on Apache technologies. It will not have a schedule defined in advance but will have a minimum number of Apache speakers present. These events are organised by Apache but delegates are free to present on any topic of interest to the audience. A BarCamp should raise awareness about what the ASF is and how it works. A BarCamp is an outward focusing event, but unlike conferences, they reach beyond those already interested in Apache.

In addition to the Basic Requirements above, a BarCamp must:

ASF Support Available

The ASF seeks to support events in the following ways.


The ASF does not financially support for-profit events, however, if your event is not-for-profit and serves the community we may be able to help.

The ASF is not here to prop up event organisers who don't put the effort in to ensure that their event has a maximal chance of success. However, we recognise that things can go wrong for all sorts of unexpected reasons. We don't like the idea of one of our volunteers being out of pocket because they were trying to do the right thing for the community. Therefore, the ASF will, under certain circumstances, underwrite enough of the fixed costs of an event to enable committers to start planning. We expect all events to have local sponsorship, and hope that by underwriting fixed costs, organisers will be in a better position to convince local sponsors to support the event.

The ASF will consider underwriting the following costs:

Event Sponsorship

The ASF understands the value of its trademarks. Anyone is free to run an event without the permission of the ASF, but they cannot use ASF trademarks on such events.

Depending on the style of event you have in mind, the mix between attendee funding and sponsorship will vary. Depending on the size of the event, the kinds of sponsors to approach will change. ConCom may well not know the best sponsors to speak to for your event, that is likely to be up to the organisers to work out, but ConCom can give guidance on approaching sponsors, sponsorship information, the kinds of sponsors to approach etc.

Foundation Sponsors - No matter what kind of Apache event you are putting on, you must not approach any Foundation Sponsors for event sponsorship before checking with the Fundraising Committee

Small Events

For small events, it can be worth speaking to local companies near the event, as well as companies involved in the project(s) being featured (and those providing the organisers and speakers!). Depending on the style of event and organising, it may make sense to ask for sponsors to pay specific expenses, rather than asking for money. See this mailing list thread for more discussions around the different styles and their benefits / drawbacks.

Medium Events

For medium sized events, you may well need a range of sponsors, and should give thought to the kinds of sponsorship levels you will offer. Most sponsors will likely be companies involved in the project(s) being covered, but don't forget to also reach out to local and regional technology firms who may be a good fit for the attendees. Some sponsors may prefer to be involved in the whole event, others may prefer a specific thing (eg beer for lightning talks, or food+venue for a pre-conference BarCamp)

You may find yourself wanting to approach foundation sponsors, don't forget to check with the fundraising committee first!

Large Events

The ASF understands the value of its trademarks. Anyone is free to run an event without the permission of the ASF, but they cannot use ASF trademarks on such events. Financial sponsors of large events that use our trademarks are required to contribute to the ASF as part of the sponsorship package. This contribution is used, in part, to help underwrite other ASF events and to pay travel costs for key speakers (including for the sponsored event).

/!\ How this works has still to be agreed, and is likely to be influenced by the first large event to be organised under this policy. There are many conflicting demands and needs. Discussion on the ConCom list has come up with the following outline proposal. we hope to work with sponsors, organisers and PRC to finalise details over time, so please let us know if you like/dislike any parts of this proposal

Sponsorship for small events via the Foundation

Draft Policy This is a draft new policy, based on board feedback and discussions on the ConCom list. It will be finalised shortly.

Normally, the Foundation does not accept targetted donations - all donations and sponsorship are made to the foundation as a whole, and not to a specific project/event/use. Wherever possible, event organisers are suggested to either have sponsors pay for items directly, or arrange for a local entity to accept event sponsorship and pay the bills directly. (For more information on this, see the Small Events and Medium Events sections).

The board of directors does recognise that in some situations, it is not possible/desirable to have sponsors paying costs directly, and no local entity is available / acceptable to larger sponsors. In these situations, it may be possible to have the sponsorship for the event's cost (or part of it) received directly to the ASF, and the bills paid by the foundation.

There are strict rules for this, which must be met before sponsorship for an event can be accepted through the foundation. These are:

Event In A Box

The "Event In A Box" package is a set of resources that event organisers will find useful. It is developed and maintained by ConCom and is informed by feedback from events that have been organised with the assistance of ConCom. Since it is under continual development its precise contents will vary, but it will include items such as:


It is planned that we will eventually provide a website and management structure for events. In this first instance we are likely to use a third party solution, but it is hoped that we can eventually provide a custom solution tailored specifically for our needs.

An event website should include:

Equipment Checklist

Venue Evaluation

The venue can make or break your event. Some things to consider when evaluating a venue include:

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