Event in a Box is an (in development) support package for people wanting to put together Apache events.

ConCom wishes to support our event planning community, bringing experience from our events around the world and ensuring that all Apache events are a huge success. ConComSupportedEvents describes the kinds of support available whilst ConComSupportWorkflow describes the process we follow in providing support.

ConCom can provide support in all aspects of event planning, but we try our hardest to not get in the way of your event. The key is for you to use local experience and us to provide logistical support and mentoring to those who need it.


Events cannot use the Apache brand without being approved by the Conference Committee

Approval is only granted as per the Event Policy


  1. Start with ConComSupportedEvents

  2. Review ConComSupportWorkflow

  3. Consider sending a provision EventProposalTemplate as part of getting mentors, mentoring and support

  4. Re-read ConComSupportedEvents and ConComSupportWorkflow

  5. Put together a final EventProposalTemplate

  6. Get approval
  7. Follow on with the ConComSupportWorkflow, and put on a great event!

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