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Publicly Available Items

ApacheCon NA 2013 Planning

Smaller Events (BarCamps, Retreats, Hackathons etc)

Concom/Planners-Private Items

Historical Information

In the past (e.g. 2005 and earlier) the concom started using this wiki to do more planning activities, but then switched back to using the mailing lists. All information below is probably outdated at the current date (Feb 2009).

ApacheCon EU 2012 Planning

ApacheCon NA 2010 Planning

ApacheCon US 2009 detail plans

ApacheCon EU 2009 / 2008

For temporary posterity.

ToDo Stuff

Planning stuff: old FireSwamp database system

Please see the master FireSwamp page, which lists all pages related to past conferences, and especially to the old database and it's procedures.

Events - 2005 Era

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