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Introduction to Apache Retreats

Apache Retreats are locally organised, concom supported events dedicated to getting a geographically linked group of Apache committers and contributors together, typically for a weekend.

How do Retreats fit into the Apache conference+meetup landscape?

Retreats are focused on existing Apache committers, and those near to committer status. They tend to be geographically focused primerily, with project focus second.

Unlike an Apache BarCamp, a retreat is concentrating on existing committers and potential committers, whereas a BarCamp tends more towards potential users and future committers. Unlike a project meetup, a retreat will cover multiple projects. Unlike a full conference like ApacheCon, retreats tend to be shorter, cheaper, and more run on unconference lines.

Who comes to Apache retreats?

We aim to have three groups of people attending retreats:

We've found it works well to have people from all three groups present

Why would my PMC want to get involved in an Apache Retreat?

There are a number of benefits to being a sponsoring PMC, including:

What would my PMC need to qualify to be a sponsoring PMC?

What would my PMC need to do as a sponsoring PMC?

Firstly, we'd need you to work to get your committers and potential committers to the event. Hopefully most will be able to get work funding, especially as the distance to travel is low for many and the event cost is low for all. For the remainder, you'll need to work with TAC to get travel funding.

Then, you'd need to help out a bit with some publicity for the event. This is likely to be writing the odd paragraph before the event.

Finally, at the event your PMC will need to do a few talks to the other attendees about your project. Ideally these will be both interesting, and of value for helping those attendees convince their employers to send them to the event! So, we'll need some information from your for the signup site, eg

Remind me again of the benefits of being a sponsoring PMC...

What are the steps?

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