This page is intended to help ConCom assigned TrainingMentors help trainers promote their training courses.


These actions should be carried out by the mentor before first contact so that they can provide useful feedback:

Template Email

Here's the text of an email that you might like to send out on first contact:


The ApacheCon team offer assistance to all trainers publicizing their training events at the conference. I'm FIXME, and I've been asked to offer my support to you. The idea is that I can help you come up with ideas for promoting your sessions.

Remember! The early bird discount (which applies to trainings and the conference) ends 14-August - so be sure to remind prospective attendees soon!

I've had a look over your abstract and [think it's great|think it can be improved by...]

In order for me to understand how best to help you can you please answer the following questions:

Once I have a full understanding of your session I'd like to help promote it in the appropriate circles.

Followup Contact

Once the schedule for the conference is available it would be helpful to follow up with the following quaestions.

Promotional Activities

These are things that trainers should be encouraged to do:

These are things the mentor can do:

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